Learning How to See – D1113

December 11, 2014

Posted In: Painting and Drawing

Doron Langberg

DATES: August 10 – 14, 2015


CONCEPT: Learning how to see is the first step in learning how to paint. As we observe the natural world, we are overwhelmed by the visual richness around us. In addition to the technical aspects of paintings, in this class we will focus on conceptualizing your visual experiences, extracting from reality the information you need to construct a clear sense of light and depth in your painting. Using contrasting elements like light/ dark, warm/cool, chromatic/neutral, etc., you will learn to evoke atmosphere, luminosity, form and space.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: Working in oil paint, we will experiment with both direct and indirect painting techniques such as alla-prima painting, glazing and scumbelling, under-painting, etc. We will work primarily from observation, painting still lifes, landscapes and a live model. Particular focus will be placed on color mixing.

ACTIVITIES: The workshop progresses through a series of guided assignments, each building on the previous one. Every assignment will be introduced with a demo and/or slide show followed by one-on-one hands-on instruction and conversation about students’ paintings.

FACULTY: Doron Langberg holds an M.F.A. from Yale University and a B.F.A from UPenn/PAFA. His work is exhibited in galleries and museums in the U.S. and featured in New American Paintings, NY Arts Magazine and The Huffington Post. He received the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant and the Yale Schoelkopf Travel Prize. www.doronlangberg.com

Tuition: $920 OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1120
Studio Fee: $75

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