Meet Artist-in-Residence
Jeong Yoon Lee

December 2, 2016

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Where are you from originally?

My origin goes back to the lonely living room circa 2000 at the dawn of the new millennium where my younger self was having an intense relationship with the Atari game pack on Windows 95, or maybe just simply South Korea and Queens, back and forth.


How did you find out about Anderson Ranch Arts Center?

I found out about it when I was in school from people who have been here before.


What is your favorite part about Anderson Ranch so far?

The facilities, food, the Ranch fox, and more to come!? When it was Ranch Work Day, everyone had to work together to rake leaves. I got to appreciate the really nice landscape again, sucked in the air and felt good about life.


What are you working on during your residency?

I am working/expanding on the previous notions that I have been thinking about for awhile, so it’s about dealing with my own anxiety and sentimentality by exploring and performing my selves and/or personas through many modes of painting. Right now I’m trying to navigate the sci-fi tropes in our cultures and my relationship with painting itself and to build some sort of a mash-up of the two.


How would you describe your artistic practice?

Building pathetic make-do circus tents where I make a fool of myself with my beloved companions a.k.a. studio props. Sometimes (or most of the time?) I feel weird to dub myself an artist, because I can’t even track back how I’ve gotten myself into this kind of practice. But, I’ve got no regrets.


What inspires you to create art?

Although I am alone in the making most of the time, my concern lies with my position in the world, and how that socio-politically intersects/intervenes/overlaps with the larger whole. So my explicitly solo acts are so much about my own narratives, but at the same time they covertly look for a chance to become a public speech.


How do you spend your time when not working in the studio?

I am pretty much on standby when I’m not in the studio, keeping company with my computer. So I do a lot of things (pretty much everything; the list can go on forever) and spend a lot of time with my computer. But, I do get out of my room from time to time to take a little stroll and have some flâneur moments by myself.


How can we find you on social media and the web?


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