Phoenician Trade Ships – K0811

December 10, 2014

Posted In: Children Ages 7 - 9

Sylvie Rosenthal

DATES: July 20 – 24, 2015

Ages: 7 – 9 / 9am – 3pm

Join us as we build our very own Phoenician fleet! This week we discover the rich history and culture of Phoenician trade. In this workshop, each student will craft a galley ship from wood complete with oarsmen and sails. We take time to build the port, townsmen, and various trading items. Together we dye cloth purple like the Tyrian purple, sculpt terracotta jars, and learn to navigate the stars as they did. The final day we put our boats to the test and assemble our Phoenician ports for all to see!

SYLVIE ROSENTHAL started building at age six at the Eli Whitney Museum where she made circuses, catapults, rockets and robots and was introduced to the work of great inventors and artists such as Alexander Calder, Leonardo DaVinci and AC Gilbert. She has taught and designed children’s classes for over 20 years.

Tuition: $425 / Studio Fee: $20 / Registration Fee: $25

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