Adriana Barrios

Adriana Barrios is an interdisciplinary artist who uses printmaking, paper making, video, and installation to record and respond to the environmental changes happening along the California coastline due to climate change. Adriana has exhibited her artwork internationally in Italy and Mexico and nationally in New York, New Mexico, and Texas.

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Jun 26 - 30, 2023

Layered Surfaces: From a Photograph to a Screen Print

Adriana Barrios

Tuition $1,150
Code R0404-23

Participants in this class use original photographic imagery as source material to create multilayered, dynamic, and unique screen prints, learning step-by-step details of the screen printing process, including screen preparation (exposing and washing), halftone transparency creation, registration, and printing. Additional layering methods include exploratory paper dyeing techniques using natural and synthetic pigment, flocking, and hand-generated transparencies. The goal of this class is to push the possibilities of screen print, transforming photographic images into multilayered dynamic prints. Students leave the class with a foundational understanding of the screen print process and a collection of unique prints.

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