Andy Buck

Andy Buck has been a practicing artist and educator for over 25 years. His works of sculpture and furniture have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the US, Europe, and Australia. Andy leads the furniture design program in the School for American Crafts at RIT.

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Jun 26 - 30, 2023

Whittling, Carving and Shaping

Andy Buck

Tuition $1,075
Code W0405-23

Carving is one of the most elemental, immediate, and expressive forms of woodworking. It offers a fun, challenging, and meditative experience for both beginners and advanced practitioners, and requires only a modest array of tools. In this workshop, participants are introduced to the practice of whittling, carving, and shaping wood with investigations of Sloyd knives, gouges, spokeshaves, and other carving tools. By developing a safe and controlled set of carving skills—from proper tool use to sharpening and maintenance—participants explore creative interests from wood sculpture to functional objects such as spoons and vessels.

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