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Dan Brockett creates handwoven baskets from willow grown on his 12-acre property, Foggy Blossom Farm, in Leechburg, PA. As a grower turned self-taught artist, there is an element of companionship with—and reverence for—his material that permeates every project.

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Jun 17 - 21, 2024
9AM - 5PM

Willow Basketry Trio

Daniel Brockett

Tuition $1,110
Code W0302-24

This workshop explores three different styles of traditional willow basketry. Students learn to weave a Zarzo flower basket, rib-style foraging basket, and a stake-and-strand shopping basket. In addition to exploring the basics of the craft and becoming acquainted with willow as a material, there will be opportunities for creative choices with color, patterns, and weave styles. Please note this work is hand, wrist, and shoulder intensive. All the willow for this workshop is grown, harvested, and prepared by the instructor at his farm in Pennsylvania. Participants also learn about sustainable willow growing and harvesting practices.

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