Doug Casebeer

Doug Casebeer is Artistic Director Emeritus at Anderson Ranch where he served as Artistic Director of Ceramics for over 34 years. He is currently Resident Artist for the University of Oklahoma. Doug was recognized by NCECA in 2019 for his contributions to the field as an Honorary Member. Doug has lectured, taught, exhibited and built kilns worldwide. He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, and was honored with a solo exhibition in 2019 at the Huntington Museum of Art in West Virginia.

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Doug's Upcoming Workshops

  • I

    Level I

    Students are new to ceramics and have no formal training.

  • II

    Level II

    Students have a basic understanding of forming techniques, such as throwing and hand building. Students have taken one or two ceramics classes or workshops.

  • III

    Level III

    Students have significant experience with clay forming techniques, such as throwing, hand building and modeling. Students are comfortable with ceramics equipment, such as wheels, extruders and slab rollers. Students are self­-starting with some formal training and have taken a minimum of three classes or workshops.

Jul 4 - 8, 2022

Finishing Follows Form: Glazing and Firing

Doug Casebeer

Tuition $1,450
Code C0507-22

Just when you thought you had mastered working in clay, along comes glazing. In this workshop, students explore techniques, present strategies, glaze wares and load a kiln, all on the first day. Conversations concern creative potentials for successful glazing strategies. There are lectures on basic glaze formulations and kiln-firing systems. Risk-taking is encouraged to develop a more personal and meaningful artistic voice. There are demonstrations on both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques, as well as lots of tricks and tips for glaze application. Students are asked to bring 10 to 12 pieces, bisque-fired to cone 06 with a minimum 2” diameter and a maximum 9” height. Tumblers, vases, cups, pitchers and small sculptures are ideal.

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