Emily Ginsburg

Emily Ginsburg is an interdisciplinary artist who explores communication and its impact on the everyday through diverse media platforms. She is Professor, Chair of Media Arts, at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. She received her MFA in Printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

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  • II

    Level II

    Students have experience working with computer­-aided design with basic principles of CAM/software.

  • III

    Level III

    Students have some formal training in digital fabrication, experience with a variety of materials and fabrication processes, and know how to use CNC, 3-­D printers, or laser cutters competently and safely. Students have a portfolio of their work.

Jul 26 - 30, 2021

Mono Matrix: digital & analog

Emily Ginsburg

Tuition $995
Code R0807-21

Playfully and dynamically integrate the digitally-fabricated with hand-generated matrices to create one-of-a-kind prints. Primarily using monotype and relief methods, students make layered prints using access to Anderson Ranch Art Center’s Digital Fabrication Lab (“FabLab”) and the Patton Print Shop. In conjunction with making a range of stencils and blocks in the lab, students focus on graphic and painterly layering and experimentation in the printmaking studio. Digital and analog processes are demonstrated and integrated to support expansive possibilities and to broaden the scope of one’s imagery.

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