Fredy Huaman Mallqui

Fredy Huaman Mallqui began his training as a classical woodcarver at the age of nine in Ayacucho, Peru. He has diversified his career by creating contemporary sculptures, carving ornamental pieces including restoration projects, teaching woodcarving, and painting. Fredy has taught at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine.

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  • II

    Level II

    Students have experience working with stationary machines and power tools and are familiar with basic principles of joinery and 3­-D design.

  • III

    Level III

    Students have some formal training in 3­-D design, experience with a variety of materials and fabrication processes, and know how to use machine and hand tools competently and safely. Students have a portfolio of their artwork.

Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2023

Relief and Detail: A Journey through Sculptural Wood Carving

Fredy Huaman Mallqui

Tuition $1,075
Code W1313-23

This workshop is for carvers at all levels who want to learn and expand their knowledge of hand wood carving, tools, and techniques. Participants transform a drawing into a 3-D piece and are invited to work on individual projects that range in form and function. Starting with a wooden block and a design, students dive into their own projects while benefiting from shared critiques. Through discussion and demonstration, the course addresses tool-handling safety and efficiency, sharpening gouge selection, approaches to the carving process through drawing and composition, and thorough step-by-step planning.

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