Gerald Lovell

Born in 1992 in Chicago, IL, to Puerto Rican and African American parents—Gerald Lovell, uses his artistic practice as a means to self-discovery, and self-articulation. Lovell began his career as an artist after dropping out of the graphic design program at the University of West Georgia as an undergraduate, realizing his need to embrace a new creative path. This epiphany Lovell had in 2014 was his point of departure from a more formal to informal and unorthodox mode of artistic production. He later emerged as a self-taught artist, showing his work on the Atlanta art scene and beyond. Lovell has since developed a unique style and approach to painting, as he poses a dialogue between interspersed impasto and flat surrealist styles on canvas, to create imaginative portraits—using heavy paint application to highlight the human form. His development as a portrait painter has led to works of a very quotidian and common nature—while reifying the lived experiences of his peers.

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  • III

    Level III

    Students have formal training in critical issues of 2-­D art making, experience with public critiques and a solid portfolio of their artwork.

Aug 8 - 12, 2022
9AM - 5PM

Developing Narrative: Content, Form and Color

Elizabeth Glaessner, Gerald Lovell

Tuition $1,200
Code D1018-22

This course challenges students to think critically about the potential for narrative in their figurative work and the ways to enhance a sense of story within a painting. It examines the distinctive ability for a painting to ask questions, convey mood and character and cause the viewer to be spellbound by the wonder of visual storytelling. These challenges are accessed and problem-solved through painterly decisions regarding form, pattern, brush strokes, mark-making, color choice, gesture and other formal concerns that are at the core of this exciting narrative painting workshop.

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