Heechan Kim

Heechan Kim is an object maker. He applies traditional craft techniques in new contexts to reimagine and explore outcomes, and to challenge craft’s visual potential. Heechan has been investigating the relationship between the maker’s hand and materials. He is currently a faculty member at Parsons School of Design, the City College of New York, teaching product design and sculpture. He received an MFA in furniture design at Rochester Institute of Technology, and a BFA in metal arts at Seoul National University.

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Heechan's Upcoming Workshops

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    Open to All

    Students of any skill and knowledge level.

Aug 5 - 9, 2024
9AM - 5PM

Exploratory Wood Bending

Heechan Kim

Tuition $1,110
Code W1008-24

This course investigates various wood-bending techniques to explore form and volume. Students experiment with curved lines and organic forms by steaming, laminating, soaking, and weaving. Students are encouraged to push the limits of the material and explore the infinite potential of expression. This week of exploration emphasizes experimentation and play with linear elements, resulting in forms ranging from maquettes to prototypes for future sculpture and design projects.

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