Jack Mauch

Jack Mauch is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and educator. His work ranges from fine-furniture to small-batch production items, with much in between. Jack is passionate about how digital tools can benefit the creative practices of artists and craftspeople. He explores this question in his own work and by working with artists and creative institutions to help them integrate traditional and digital processes, both technically and philosophically.

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  • II

    Level II

    Students have experience working with stationary machines and power tools and are familiar with basic principles of joinery and 3­-D design.

  • III

    Level III

    Students have some formal training in 3­-D design, experience with a variety of materials and fabrication processes, and know how to use machine and hand tools competently and safely. Students have a portfolio of their artwork.

  • IV

    Level IV

    Students have advanced skill and knowledge of furniture design. Students are highly motivated and have multiple portfolios of their artwork.

Sep 9 - 20, 2024
9AM - 5PM

Refined Design: A Method for Digital Making

Jack Mauch

Tuition $1,390
Code W1513-24

This workshop dives into creative possibilities at the intersection of craft, design and digital manufacturing. Students learn basic to intermediate 3D modeling using Autodesk’s Fusion360 software and explore a variety of digital manufacturing processes including CNC machining, laser cutting and 3D printing. This workshop is ideal for the maker who wants to learn to incorporate digital fabrication into their practice and for experienced 3D modelers who want to advance their production skills and explore materials. Participants develop 1 to 3 designs and bring them through several iterations of production, refining the design and manufacturing processes at each step. Wood will be a primary material, but the concepts and methodology are applicable to all 3D media. Participants may incorporate other fabrication materials such as paper, fabric and plastics.

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