Jody Guralnick

Jody Guralnick explores the intersection of science and art, linking the human world and the realm of fungi and microbes, encouraging stewardship of the environment. She has exhibited throughout the US and is the recipient of a Ford Foundation Grant and a Colorado Council for the Arts Visual Arts Fellowship.

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Jun 5 - 9, 2023

Painting as Metamorphosis

Jody Guralnick

Tuition $1,195
Code D0102-23

Dive into metamorphosis, the state which not only defines nature but also the process of painting. Using nature as source material, we read, discuss, observe, and then embark on a painting journey, thinking about painting as process and movement rather than as a fixed form. Students explore ways to talk about nature with paint without needing to reproduce observations in a literal way, melding abstraction and representation, discovering and producing depth, and allowing an image to float to the surface. We learn to develop form, mix color, and consider composition, all inspired by what we see around us.

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