Katie Kitchen

Katie Kitchen is originally from Houston, TX, although she has not lived there for many years. She feels fortunate to have grown up in a home where her parents loved and collected art. That passion for art was passed onto Katie who started collecting art, as well, in the late 1960’s. She is most grateful for Anderson Ranch which inspired her to actually make art. In July of 2014, Katie attended a symposium at the Ranch curated by Anne Pasternak, Making the Art You Want to See. One of the speakers, Laura Jo Reynolds, introduced Darrell Cannon, who had spent many years in solitary confinement at Tamm’s Super Max Correctional Facility.  Darrell’s talk laid out the criminal, inhumane conditions at Tamm’s. That was the moment Katie started thinking about the man who had killed her father in 1991, Joseff White. After going through the Victim Dialogue Program in Texas and subsequently meeting Joseff, Katie was convinced that he should be released from prison. In 2017, Joseff was released from prison and now lives and works in Houston.

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