Mike Cloud

Mike Cloud is a painter and writer from Chicago. His work and research in the field of painting is anchored in the contemporary life of reproduction, symbolism and description.

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Aug 29 - Sep 2, 2022
9AM - 5PM

Holistic Abstraction

Mike Cloud

Tuition $1,155
Code D1326-22

Cosmograms, schemata, spirit wheels and mandalas are flat depictions of holistic worlds. This painting class uses squares, circles, crosses, stars and other familiar geometric features to develop colorful, rich diagrammatic representations of unity. Students explore color, surface and edge to create works of harmony and personal significance. The week begins with exercises to develop our understanding of paint-handling and depiction in diverse cultures. In the latter half of the week, students apply course material to their own creative projects. The goal of this workshop is to gain a deeper understanding of connections, interactions, and relationships—be they visual, formal or human.

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