Reginald O'Neal

Reginald O’Neal (L.E.O.) began painting in 2012, soon after meeting his mentor, Alejandro Dorda. In 2014, he traveled to Europe to complete murals in Austria, Norway, and Spain and exhibit in a show alongside Dorda in Berlin, Germany. L.E.O. focuses on canvas work, residencies, and murals that embody his community surroundings, experiences, and beliefs.

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  • I

    Level I

    Students have very limited experience or none at all. Classes usually start with a full day of basic instruction.

  • II

    Level II

    Students have basic knowledge of 2-­D art making including form, negative space, value and line.

Jun 19 - 23, 2023

Oil Painting: Creating Color, Light and Narrative

Reginald O'Neal

Tuition $1,195
Code D0306-23

This exploratory oil painting workshop introduces students to a technique-based and conceptual approach to creating an image in this traditional medium. With prompts, demonstrations, and one-on-one instruction, students investigate monochromatic value scale, techniques in oil painting, and working from the figure. The workshop emphasizes color mixing, composition, form, light, and a painting’s potential to tell a story. In addition to focusing on methods and techniques, the class discovers the use of painting to communicate using an exciting visual language.

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