Sue Oehme

Sue Oehme is the Master Printer of Oehme Graphics in Steamboat Springs, CO. Before launching OG, she was the Director/ Master Printer at Riverhouse Editions. Sue has taught numerous print workshops at institutions across the country including the University of Denver, Boston University, Scripps College, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Women’s Studio Workshop, Brandeis University, and Northwestern University.

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    Students of any skill and knowledge level.

Jul 29 - Aug 2, 2024
9AM - 5PM

Oil and Water: Collagraph, Stencils & Monoprint

Sue Oehme

Tuition $1,160
Code R0908-24

This versatile and dynamic monoprint workshop utilizes both water-based and oil-based media, printing from collagraph plates and stencils. Participants create textured plates by building up varied surfaces with acrylic mediums, along with using more traditional drypoint Plexiglass plates combined with collage materials and Duralar stencil shapes. These inspiring techniques work well with both abstract and representational imagery, adding new methods and visual effects to the printmaking practice. Each student is guided individually by the instructor, as well as offered group demos daily.

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