Yari Mena

Yari Mena is a Mexican-American mixed-media artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She earned her BFA from Georgia State University. Yari was a Distinguished Fellow at the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts, and a recipient of the Anderson Ranch Internship and Professional Development Award. Her work has been featured in Target’s corporate Hispanic Heritage Month initiative in 2020, SOLA Art Market, and the Hapeville Depot Museum. Yari’s work investigates how memories change to protect people, relationships and aid survival.

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    Students of any skill and knowledge level.

Jul 1 - 5, 2024
9AM - 5PM

Incorporating Personal Imagery into Painting

Yari Mena

Tuition $1,225
Code D0512-24

Participants approach the process of integrating memorabilia and personal imagery into paintings as they deepen their practice. Students use found and personal photographs, manipulating them through analog media such as paint and collage. Pushing and pulling against the line between abstraction and representation, students find new access to generating images and content using a synthesis of many source materials. They create a small body of personal work throughout the week using acrylic, other water-based media, and collage on canvas and heavy weight paper. Topics for discussion are conveying personal perspective, achieving multilayered surfaces, and creating visual space through shape, pattern, texture, and color relationships.

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