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For decades, top contemporary artists have visited Anderson Ranch Arts Center and produced quality artwork here in our Patton Print Shop. The Anderson Ranch Editions are a collection of these prints made available for purchase exclusively by Anderson Ranch, and proceeds help support programming excellence at the Ranch.

There is something for everyone—woodcut, intaglio, lithographs, digital prints and monoprints—and imagery that is representational, abstract, colorful, or simply black and white.


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If you have questions about the Anderson Ranch Editions program, or would like help with a purchase, please contact Lauren Peterson at

Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Print by Simon Haas

In honor of the Ranch’s 50th Anniversary, artist Simon Haas created “A” screen print, printed on Rives BFK, 15 x 15 in., edition of 5o, a three-colored, psychedelic print in the Ranch’s own Patton Print Shop. Incorporating imagery that invokes the rings of a tree and the energy and vigor of an organization that continues to grow as it celebrates its deep roots, the print is a fitting tribute to the past, present and future of Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

This limited edition print was generously donated to the Ranch by Simon Haas, one of The Haas Brothers. Proceeds from the sale of the prints will support Anderson Ranch. Quantities are limited.

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"A" screen print by Simon Haas, printed on Rives BFK, 15 x 15 in., Edition of 50
Sponsored by Liz Lambert and Erin Smith

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