Photography, Painting & Drawing and Ceramics

Anderson Ranch Arts Center offers an exciting new way to learn from our expert staff, create work in our studios and be part of the art-making community here at the Ranch:

Join one of our Locals’ Clubs!


Locals’ Photography Salon

The Photography Salon welcomes all who have an interest in photography and lens-based media regardless of their level of expertise. We further our understanding of photography as a visual language and art form through photographic presentations, discussions and portfolio reviews. We invite you to join us!

Please contact Esther Nooner, Studio Coordinator of Photography & New Media, for more information at enooner@andersonranch.org


Locals’ Sketch Club

Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s Painting & Drawing department invites you to join our Sketch Club. The group meets once per month to draw from a still life, landscape or from source materials like personal photographs. We focus on basic drawing concerns including composition, line, value and subject matter while having fun honing our skills and creating original drawings. Some basic drawing materials are provided such as graphite, charcoal, and newsprint. However, participants may bring whatever materials they like including pastels, watercolor/ink, collage materials and any other tools with which they choose to draw. Enjoy the Ranch setting and getting your hands dirty while broadening your drawing experience. All skill levels are welcome.

Please contact Elizabeth Ferrill, Artistic Director of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, to RSVP and get more information at lferrill@andersonranch.org


“Circle of Fire” Kiln Firings

Local ceramic artists and potters are invited to fire work with the Anderson Ranch team in the Ranch’s own incredible wood kilns. Pottery and sculptures need to be made of high fire stoneware and porcelain clays. The glazing can happen with Ranch glazes the day before the loading. Our Studio Coordinator of Ceramics, Louise Deroualle will plan, load and coordinate the firings in our V6 wood/soda kiln.

Cost: $250+ per firing, split among the participants

Please contact Louise Deroualle, Studio Coordinator of Ceramics, to RSVP or get more information at lderoualle@andersonranch.org

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