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Two experts, one workshop? Yes please! This guide delves into the exciting world of epic artistic collaborations, where the meeting of creative minds and unsurpassed talent leads to ideas we never could have expected. Join us as we celebrate the magic that unfolds when visionaries from different mediums come together to explore new techniques and narratives that resonate across art forms and disciplines.

Barclay Dodge and Alleghany Meadows

Bring your appetite for this dynamic duo! Chef Barclay Dodge is teaming up again with renowned ceramic artist, Alleghany Meadows, to teach the workshop Studio, Farm, Table: The Art of Dining. Barclay has spent the last 30 years traveling the globe exploring cultures and cuisine. He had a very successful year in 2023 when his Aspen restaurant, Bosq, was awarded a Michelin Star and he was named a James Beard Semi-Finalist! Joining him is the incredibly talented artist, Alleghany Meadows. He is a nationally recognized studio potter, mentor, gallery owner, curator, and long-time friend of the Ranch.

This is the second time the duo has paired up to teach together after the resounding success of their sold out workshop in 2022. Studio work and firings at the Ranch culminate in a multi-course meal served at the chef’s acclaimed Aspen restaurant, Bosq. There are lectures on historical and contemporary ceramics, professional development, and social outreach. Demonstrations, discussions, and presentations focus on pottery as it functions in both service and display. We hope you’re hungry!

Elinor Carucci and David Hilliard

These two powerhouses of the photography world are teaming up to bring you the workshop What about Love? from June 24-28, 2024. Many of us shy away from addressing “the emotional” within images, but in this workshop, participants are encouraged to embrace these feelings. With renowned portrait photographers David Hillard and Elinor Carucci as guides for the week, this workshop is sure uncover the deep emotions and nuances of life, experiences, surroundings, and how they coalesce into photographic imagery.

Fine Art Photographer Elinor Carucci recently published her fifth book, The Collars of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, A Portrait of Justice. This is a striking portrait of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her historic tenure on the United States Supreme Court, brought to life with incisive quotes and bold photographs of her iconic collars.

“For me, this was the equivalent of documenting a superhero’s costume, with all of the significance it held for myself, my family, and millions of Americans.” – Elinor Carucci, Time Magazine, November 14, 2023

David Hilliard exhibits his photographs both nationally and internationally and has won numerous awards such as the Fulbright and Guggenheim. In the summer of 2023, he completed a solo show, He Looked at Me Like That, at the Rivalry Projects in Buffalo, NY.

Laura Kishimoto and Elish Warlop

What are the qualities of light that inspire? Can light be shaped and manipulated as a physical material? How can woodworking transform our perception of the light itself? 

Find the answers to these exciting questions in this exploratory workshop, Bending Light, taught by the dynamic pair of instructors, Laura Kishimoto and Elish Warlop. Luminosity, translucence, and shadow will be explored through the organic lens of bent wood. 

Laura Kishimoto is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She creates sculptural furniture best characterized by its spatial complexity and curiously organic form. Her work is featured in the permanent collections of the Denver Art Museum in Colorado and the Mint Museum in North Carolina.Elish Warlop is a lighting and furniture designer living in Southampton, NY. Her company, Elish Warlop Design Studio, specializes in creating custom lighting fixtures and large-scale installations for her clients. Elish has a Masters from Rhode Island School of Design and a BA from Cornell University.

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