Anderson Ranch and YouthZone partner in visual storytelling

December 22, 2022

Posted In: Anderson Ranch General, Blog, Outreach

Tags: Community Engagement, photography, YouthZone

YouthZone is proud to partner with nonprofits and entities within the Roaring Fork and Grand River Valleys to empower and support community youth and families. We are committed to raising the healthiest youth possible, which is an effort that includes our entire community. Therefore, we rely on teachers, counselors, police officers, and professionals. Collaboration with local and state partners is an integral part of YouthZone operations.

In these efforts, we are thrilled to continue the YouthZone-Anderson Ranch Arts Center partnership for the second year, through the Visual Storytelling Workshops. The most recent workshop occurred between October and November of this year for four weeks. Held at the YouthZone headquarters in Glenwood Springs, eighth through 12th-grade students explored storytelling and memory through art. Students utilized the creative processes of photography, sounds and video to express themselves.

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