Draw from your enviroment, literally, with Daniel Heyman!

April 19, 2013

Posted In: Anderson Ranch General

The great outdoors near Anderson Ranch is our source material for drawings and paintings in water-based media, primarily ink and gouache. Each day we drive to a different site to draw directly from nature, concentrating on close-up images of flowers, rocks and other natural species, as well as long-distance vistas of mountains and valleys. We work with single sheets of paper and notebooks. Students are encouraged to build larger compositions back in the studio from their “field notes.”

ARAC Painting/Printmaking Building & Sample of Daniel Heyman's work

Anderson Ranch Arts Center Painting/ Printmaking buildling on left, where Daniel Heyman’s class will be based from. Sample of Heyman’s work on right.

Exceprt from Daniel Heyman’s class description in the Anderson Ranch Summer Workshop Catalog which can be downloaded from here.

See more about Daniel Heyman at his website!

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