January 29, 2018

Opening Reception:

June 5th,  5 – 7 PM in the Patton-Malott Gallery



Melanie Walker is an internationally recognized artist with experience in installation sculpture, photography and new forms. She combines photography with sculpture, electronics, puppetry, costumes and sound to create participatory environments that break down the traditional proscenium for viewers. She is a tenured professor of Art and photography at the University of Colorado at Boulder and has received numerous awards including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1996.



George Peters has a thirty year history of working with aerial forms from gallery works to installation sculpture, kites, mobiles and banner works. During that time he has worked primarily as a studio artist and in the public art realm. His artistic experience includes film animation, graphic arts, theater set and costume design, photography, architectural modeling, painting and sculpture. He has completed over eighty large scale national and international commissioned works for private, corporate and public institutions.

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