March 21, 2019

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Patton–Malott Gallery at Anderson Ranch


Uncoordinated. is an exhibition of diverse works from the artists who serve as studio coordinators at Anderson Ranch. This seemingly discordant group of works relate to each other thematically through the artists’ exploration of physicality and abstraction. While Leah Aegerter, Louise Deroualle, and Ben Timpson’s work focuses on components of identity, Michael Lorsung, Lauren Peterson, and Mark Tan look at our relationships to objects. Each attentive to the history within their mediums, the artists uniquely consider materiality through the handmade, readymade, and found.   

She Loves Me, 2019

Leah Aegerter creates objects with few ties to any recognizable, pre-existing forms in order to broaden the boundaries and definitions of intimate interactions. Her pieces aim to challenge a traditional and easily accessible hetero-intimacy by performing or implying a relationship themselves, or asking the viewer’s participation.


In solitude there is consolation, 2017

Louise Deroualle uses ceramic materials to create formal abstractions that reveal different facets—physical, experiential, emotional—of herself. In her work, Deroualle subverts the traditional order of layering glazes over slips and utilizes the fluidity of the glaze layer underneath as a symbol of her inner world of emotions as well as her cultural identity.


Contigency, 2019

Michael Lorsung relishes the idea that as a species we have largely created the contemporary world that we live in and interact with on a daily basis.  Our relationship to the objects that run through our lives is largely passive in so far as our thoughtfulness about their origins.


Detail of Howdy neighbor and other colloquialisms having to do with biscuits and pies, 2019

Lauren Peterson collects devalued objects such as packaging, trash can contents, floor sweepings, and found, discarded objects. For the past year her studio practice has centered around exploiting the abject in domestic and decorative materials.


Untitled, 2019

Mark Tan looks at the craft of furniture making as an extension of himself. His ambition is to create work that has a certain energy that can bring joy to those who appreciate it as he strives to reach simplicity, form and function.


Stumble, 2018

Ben Timpson recognizes both the physical properties of his materials and the symbolic associations of natural and synthetic materials. He transforms meaning through microscopic compositions sculpted on layers of glass.


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