Fantastic Fibers! – K1117

December 10, 2014

Posted In: Children Ages 6 - 8

Hilary Forsyth

DATES: August 10 – 14, 2015

Ages: 6 – 8 / 1pm – 4pm

Come join us as we learn how to make art from natural fibers! Fibers come from both plants and animals, the most common fibers being wool, cotton, linen and paper. In this workshop, we learn all sorts of fiber arts such as felting, paper quilling, weaving and dyeing techniques. We begin the week by dyeing our own wool to make felted sculptures, some functional others decorative. Then we take time to learn the sculptural possibilities of paper by creating 3-D paintings, baskets, and bags. Fiber arts are not just limited to knitting, let your creativity soar with this less common art medium!

HILARY FORSYTH is the Art Director at the Aspen Community School. She has received the Patricia C. Moore Outstanding Educator award as well as the Mary Ellen Nix Excellence in Art teaching award. She is also the illustrator of BearBop Press children’s books titled, Family Field Guide Series.

Tuition: $275 / Studio Fee: $15 / Registration Fee: $25

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