February 15, 2019

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“Our premise as co-curators of Imagine Climate is that art, with its power to harness emotion, has the potential to change the way we think about—and act on—climate. In addition to being creators and purveyors of beauty in all forms, artists listen to society’s dreams. They create meaning for our culture, preserve it, and offer us a guide into the future. They are our conscience.  Each of the nine artists in this show explores a unique perspective on our environment and, in surprising ways, records our impact on it. There are no safe havens from climate change. All these artists have looked closely. In this exhibition they report their findings for our enjoyment and edification. They invite us to pay attention. We invite you to act, preserving the places we love and the life we inhabit.”

—Lara Whitley and Brian Shure, Co-Curators of Imagine Climate

Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 5, 5-7PM.

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