Interview with Richard Renaldi

July 14, 2017

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Tell me about your class and what excites you about teaching at Anderson Ranch.
It’s called a sense of place, and it’s going to be basically creating a portfolio or a body of work around the idea of telling a story about some local place like the rodeo, the town of Aspen, or a particular community in their town but really focusing on that particular story and the people in that story. I want the student to get involved with a group of people in town and dive into it and through the use of portraiture, landscape and still life, create a visual point of view about this place that they have chosen.

When did you think of becoming a Photographer?

I started doing photography in high school, and I really liked it. I was good at it so I decided to major in it during college. I never really decided to become a photographer but I kept doing it and it worked out that I was able to have a career in the field I studied.

I love photography; it’s just a big part of my life.

When do you make art in the studio? What is your art-making schedule like?
It’s very open, I work on different projects, sometimes they’re only travel related and sometimes they’re regional. I’m working on some projects on landscapes in America. I’ll be doing work on that on my way home from Anderson Ranch because my partner is picking me up and were going to drive back.

It just depends on what the project is this year. I’ve been very prolific in the last 20 years, this year I’ve slowed down more. I’ve done more teaching but also I have been working on some archival things which is new and exciting, moving backwards instead of forward.

Richard Renaldi will be teaching Sense of Place photography workshop from August 7 – 11.

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