New 2013 Summer Painting Workshop Announced!

May 14, 2013

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Abstraction #71 mixed media on canvas 48x48 - 2013

Abstraction #71
mixed media on canvas
48×48 – 2013

New class taught by Andrew Roberts-Gray!

Color: Intuition And Intellect

The use of color by an artist can be both intuitive and intellectual. In this class we will discuss and practice the application of color and the language we use to describe it through some basic investigations. Media will be chosen to give immediate results. After these initial exercises we will set up some unique problems so that each student may bring their new color knowledge to intuitive use in making some color studies of their own. The goal of the class is to expand our color vocabulary and give each student some concrete results that they can take back to their own studio work for reference.

Students make prescribed color studies on canvas panels or gessoed paper. We will concentrate on the direct application of acrylic or oil paint.

Activities may include color exercises, discussing color in the work of Josef Albers or Francis Bacon and other artists work, and later in the week applying our new color ideas to our own practice.

Sound good to you?  Check out the full class description and register today!


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