NOW: Karl Burkheimer

June 25, 2014

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On the corner of the streets Denny and John in Seattle, Washington, sits Karl Burkheimer’s massive 1,800 square foot sculpture. It is the most recent project of the ALL RISE art initiative that has helped realize over 50 projects with a focus on ‘art in public places.’  The installation disrupts normalities of art while at the same time portraying Burkheimer’s talent in fine craft as it slopes nearly twelve feet from its beginning to its end. The installation is on view through August 24, 2014.

“My aim is to develop work worthy of exploration and consideration: familiar yet distant, crafted yet curious, expressive yet grounded. Intrigued with ambiguity I am particularly attracted to the space, real or imagined, between the object-of-utility and the image-of-contemplation, challenging myself to create work that addresses explicit functions without adhering to doctrines of performance. The parts and pieces as well as the materials and processes that embody my work convey a language of labor and skill that evoke precedent and reveal intent.”
-Karl Burkheimer

Karl will be teaching at Anderson Ranch Arts Center beginning July 7th for his week long workshop, “Problem Seeking: Exercising Creative Expression.” Much like his ALL RISE sculpture, the course is focused on discovery through the rendering of ideas, and developing new ways to looking at, thinking about and making creative decisions.

There are still a few spaces available the workshop. Click for more information/registration.


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