Yin Yoga with MaryAnne Hägglund

January 24, 2020

Posted In: Events, Locals' Clubs

Who: All levels welcome! 

Where: Schermer Meeting Hall

Cost is $10- drop-in payment

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice. It provides balance and harmony to an active or busy life. While yang styles of yoga are very popular in our society, our bodies are constantly striving to restore balance, which Yin Yoga does. It targets the “yin tissues” in the body, the connective tissues—ligaments, bones, and even joints—by holding poses for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes). Incredibly conducive to a meditative state, the stillness of the practice teaches the mind and body two valuable lessons: receptivity and acceptance. It is a valuable practice for artists because when we get still and listen internally creative ideas can come to the surface.

MaryAnne has been teaching since she completed her Yoga Teacher Training program in 2003 in Richmond, Virginia (Sandra Pleasants & Jennifer Elliott) and is certified with Yoga Alliance. MaryAnne brings her unique sense of humor and compassion to her classes. She believes that the real yoga happens once we step off the mat and into our daily lives. She often incorporates bits of inspirational wisdom via poetry and prose into her teaching style. Her intention is to inspire those who practice with her to move through the world with an awareness that leaves it a little bit better than the way we found it. “Everything we do is sacred.”

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