Spotlight on Summer 2013 Woodworking Faculty: Reuben Foat

April 23, 2013

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Snake Cabinet, image credit : Rizzhel Mae Javier

Reuben Foat, Snake Cabinet, image by Rizzhel Mae Javier

Interviewed by Nancy Wilhelms, Director of Marketing & Communications

Hi, Reuben, Doug Casebeer suggested that I get in touch regarding the class you are teaching at the Ranch this summer. We’d like to post an interview.  Will you please get back to me with some short answers to these questions? Thanks. (PS I am from Milwaukee.) 

Is this your first time teaching at the Ranch?

What are you looking forward to here?
I am looking forward to seeing the Ranch and settings.  I hear it is absolutely beautiful there, and I have yet to spend any amount of time in the mountains

What will your class cover?
The class will cover the basics of using computer aided design (CAD)

Snake Cabinet Detail 2, Image by Fizzhel Mae Javier

Snake Cabinet Detail 2, image by Fizzhel Mae Javier

software and computer numerically controlled (CNC) hardware to make joinery to assemble furniture.  Basically, we’ll draw lines using a computer mouse and get a robot to make what we draw for us.

What new adventure can I look forward to as your student?
What’s cooler than getting robots to make stuff for you?  At a minimum you will get a glimpse into the way of the future esp. using computers to design and build objects.
What’s the funkiest work you have ever made and why?
My first major furniture piece involved a bowling ball being glued into the middle of the table top.  The table top protruded from the ball much like the

Wood Screen, image credit Rueben Foat

Wood Screen, image credit Rueben Foat

rings of Saturn.  Then when the table top was pressed down, the bowling ball, which sat in a cup of bearings in the base, would allow the table top to tilt and swivel.  The table was booby-trapped!

Do I need to be a skilled woodworker to take the class?
No, you do not need to be a skilled woodworker.
What do I need to know? 
Familiarity with computer software of some kind is helpful, I.E. How to accurately use a mouse, save documents, etc… An ability to read a ruler and a calipers would also be good.
What does the word “Cheesehead” mean to you?
It means you love Packers football, Brewers baseball, bratwursts, cheese and Miller Beer. (I did not mention the Milwaukee Bucks on purpose.)  There might also be a picture of you wearing one of those foam cheese hats on Facebook.  I hope mine got deleted…
Reuben Foat will be teaching Puzzlin’ Evidence: The Art of CNC Joinery this summer, here at Anderson Ranch.  Check out his class here, or his incredible design at Reuben’s website.

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