Stop-Motion Animation: frame by frame magic – K0710

December 11, 2014

Posted In: Children Ages 9 - 12

Veronica Madero

DATES: July 13 – 17, 2015

Ages: 9 -12 / 9am – 3pm

Ever wanted to make a piece of paper come to life? Ever dreamt of seeing yourself fly across the screen? Fire up your imagination and get ready to learn the basics of stop-motion animation. Frame by frame, students will create short animations using a variety of media. We experiment using clay, wire, paper, and other fun objects to make interesting sets and characters. Students are equipped with cameras, computers, and easy-to- use animation software. Come discover the magic of animation while also learning the techniques of filming, editing, and character design.

VERONICA MADERO grew up in Mexico and loved art workshops as a kid. She spent many summers going to museums, painting, and learning. She graduated with a degree in the visual arts, and an associate degree in special effects and animation. She currently makes films and lives in Carbondale, CO.

Tuition: $425 / Studio Fee: $20 / Registration Fee: $25

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