The Maloof Approach: evolution of a chair – W1016

December 11, 2014

Posted In: Furniture and Woodworking

Larry White

DATES: August 3 – 14, 2015


CONCEPT: This workshop presents a comprehensive overview of Sam Maloof’s career and legacy from the early 1950s to the present. We explore the subtle evolution of his design with regard to wood selection, form, function and edge detail. Students are guided through the design and construction of a side chair, applying Maloof’s style to their own designs. Hands-on studio time provides exposure to basic woodworking techniques including layout, joinery, shaping and finishing. This experience fosters an expansion of skills and stimulates new ideas, culminating in a deeper appreciation of Sam’s contribution to the woodworking and design communities.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: Students work with kiln-driedand air-dried lumber and use hand and power tools.

ACTIVITIES: We view presentations about Sam’s work and daily demonstrations covering the essential processes for construction and finishing a small table or chair.

FACULTY: Larry White’s art career spans nearly 40 years. Although primarily known as a skilled craftsman assisting Sam Maloof for 27 years, he’s also known as a versatile artist working in other media including ceramic sculpture, painting, drawing and mixed media. He has taught in the art departments at two California Universities.

Tuition: $975 OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1375
Studio Fee: $155

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