Upholstery: logistics of layering – W0101

December 11, 2014

Posted In: Furniture and Woodworking

Tina Ortman

DATES: June 1 – 12, 2015

SKILL LEVEL: Open to all

CONCEPT: Acquire all the skills you need to confidently wield the tools, techniques and materials of upholstery. Learn the logistics of layers, from the frame up. The real work of upholstering is on the inside, with the final fabric like the last coat of paint. The webbing, springs and padding are applied to create a smooth sub-structure. By upholstering a simple chair, you develop the skills to upholster your own designs.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: Collaborating with the instructors, students will select and bring a chair, or we will source a chair locally for you. We excavate through the layers, keeping some and improving the rest. Using the appropriate tools, we build it back up and smooth on the fabric you’ve provided.

ACTIVITIES: We measure for fabric, strip the chair and make repairs. Then we begin the process of building the layers back up and learning the requirements of an upholstered furniture frame for future designs. We become familiar with sewing machine operation and stitching techniques.

FACULTY: Tina Ortman began Sturdy Stitching Upholstery in 1992 and has learned something new from every piece of furniture she has upholstered in those 23 years. www.sturdystitchingupholstery.com

Tuition: $875 OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1275
Studio Fee: $175

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