March 13, 2018

Posted In: Events, Visiting Artists

Public Talk: March 27th, 5:30 PM in Schermer Meeting Hall

Glenn Kaino (b. 1972 Los Angeles, CA) transforms conventional materials and forms through a process of working that mobilizes the languages, logics, and economies of other creative disciplines as raw elements in artistic production. Conceiving his practice as conceptual kitbashing, akin to a model maker’s way of appropriating readymade kits to assemble unique models, Kaino synthesizes objects, performances, site- and situation-specific encounters by reconfiguring the conditions and construction mechanisms of distinct cultural spheres into ecologies of making in which seemingly disparate materials and ideas are brought into contact. Functioning as poetic contradictions, Kaino’s works aim to reconcile conflicting ideologies, opposing systems, and strict dichotomies in material and experiential ways. In bringing external frameworks of thought and production to bear on aesthetics, Kaino is able to assemble improbable moments in which antithetic principles are synchronized and irreconcilable materials exist in symbiotic forms–testing the potential of artistic gestures to bring about tangible transformation and to incite, even if only temporarily, other ways of being and knowing in the world.

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