Visual Storytelling in Motion: using video, stills and audio to create a compelling web documentary – P0718

February 1, 2014

Bob Sacha

DATES: July 14 – 18


CONCEPT: The world of visual storytelling changed as soon as the digital SLR and smartphones started capturing HD video. In this workshop, we examine the tools to create a compelling video story using audio, video and/or stills. Through lectures, hands-on demos, in-class exercises and critiques, we learn the process of conducting an interview, shooting a video sequence and editing. We also discuss narrative structure, organization, paper edits and production workflow. We find, create and shoot short documentary projects about the local community, recording audio interviews, shooting video/stills and editing them into short one- to two-minute films for the web.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: We use a digital SLR camera, tripod, audio recorder and microphone, plus Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X.

ACTIVITIES: Early in the week we cover what makes a great video story, video capture techniques, audio capture and interviewing; midweek we’re out in the field in teams to capture a story. Finally, we head back to the classroom to edit and complete our short films.

FACULTY: Bob Sacha is an award-winning multimedia producer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, editor and teacher. Bob has directed, produced, shot and edited nonfiction web video stories for Yahoo!News, Audubon, Apple, Asia Society, Starbucks, Open Society Foundation and the EU’s Justice Directorate.

Tuition: $975 OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1175 Studio Fee: $50

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