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Scholarship Program

In 2015, we increased the number of scholarships awarded to our workshop students to a record level of 32%. With the $1,000,000 challenge matching grant that we received (and recently completed) from the Windgate Foundation, this number will continue to increase. Scholarships allow us to bring diversity and a richer experience to all of our students. Donors who support the scholarship program have a direct impact on artists’ lives and their ability to attend a unique place like Anderson Ranch.

Our Scholarship/Partnership Program continues to grow, bringing some of the brightest and most talented students to the Ranch to develop their artistic practice. Last summer we worked with 57 leading colleges, universities and institutions to bring over 100 students to our workshops. Some of our recently added partnership schools include California College of the Arts and Denison University.

“Without the scholarship I would not have been able to take advantage of such an incredible educational opportunity. Being at the Ranch has taught me to be more independent and to take more risks as an artist.”
– 2015 Scholarship Student

Summer Series: Featured Artists & Conversations

Thanks to many generous supporters, we are able to keep these programs free and open to the public. This is a very special part of the programming that is available on campus for our students. Liz Ferrill, Artistic Director of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking comments on a special experience with Frank Stella, a participant from last summer.

“During his visit to the Ranch last summer, Frank Stella hosted a meet-and-greet with students, faculty, staff and visitors at the Ranch. In an informal setting over coffee in the Patton Print Shop, Frank chatted one-on-one with all of us and casually answered questions and engaged in conversations that the students will never forget. This opportunity to have coffee with a living legend in the art world was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us all.”

Internship Program

The Internship Program at Anderson Ranch is a core part of the Ranch culture, offering opportunities for self-discovery, celebrating art making and community, providing professional skills and a unique and exciting experience. It takes the effort and teamwork of 22 talented interns in artistic, administrative and other departments to provide the high quality learning experience for which the Ranch is known. In 2015, we started an internship sponsorship program where donors choose to support an intern in their area of interest which makes a huge difference to the success of our programs and helps to offset the high costs of the room and board that we provide for all interns. Children’s Program Intern, Marge Dye comments:

“I have spent the past two summers flourishing at Anderson Ranch, an oasis in Snowmass, Colorado. My internship provided me the chance to work with fantastic teachers, professional artists and wonderful kids in our workshops. The Ranch is a community that gives endless opportunities to artists and people who want to experiment, grow and be creative with art.”

Workshop and Studio Improvements

With the generosity from the Windgate Charitable Foundation and many other supporters, our campus and programs have been notably enhanced and enriched. The capital improvements in 2015 included expansion, renovation and the updating of many studios to provide safe and inspiring working environments for all of our programs and artists. We were able to add MakerBots and a vinyl cutter into our FabLab (fabrication laboratory), a facility with the most recent technology used to make creative art projects. We were also able to buy a new large format printer for the photography studio and with major thanks to two donors we were able to replace a digital lab with 14 new Mac computers for the upstairs photography studio. Andrea Wallace, Chair of the Workshop Program, comments:

“This investment is so important for students and residents in all mediums to further their art making by exposing them to new technologies, art processes and innovation.”

Outreach Program

This past year, we expanded our outreach offerings to include a monthly program at the Whitcomb Terrace Assisted Living in Aspen. The sessions included brief demonstrations and tutorials along with open time to explore artistic techniques. Participants made a variety of small creative projects that included fall watercolors, tin embossments, and hand-printed gift cards among others. Katherine Bell, Children’s Program and Outreach Manager, comments:

“My visits to Whitcomb serve as a powerful reminder in the ways art can unite people through the exchange of creative ideas, the sharing of stories, and the willingness to try something new. This program is the beginning of a meaningful community partnership for years to come.”

Teen Workshops

In June 2015, four students and one chaperone from the Chicago High School of the Arts came to the Ranch for a week-long workshop experience. This is the fourth year of this program, which was established by a generous scholarship gift from a donor. The students were fully immersed in their workshops learning from professional artist teachers, engaging in critical dialog with adult peers, and experimenting with different artistic processes. Whitney Bradshaw, Director of Visual Arts Studies at ChiArt, comments:

“This scholarship is incredibly important to our students, 50% of whom live under the poverty line. Our students would never be able to attend Anderson Ranch without financial assistance. It has been an invaluable experience for them and for myself. I observed the groups of students speaking with new people, learning new techniques, and truly transforming before my eyes. I have witnessed immense personal and artistic growth in the students who have participated the past four summers.”

Artists-in-Residence Program

Donations enable us to continue to keep our residency fees extremely low, enabling juried emerging and established artists who would not have been able to afford to take 10 weeks to come to the Ranch to pursue their work in a supportive, close-knit and productive environment. This support allows for the increase of diversity within our applicant pool, creating a richer and more vibrant experience for all participants. In contributing to this mission, donors share in the future of the contemporary art world. This program gives working artists the time to experiment with new visual vocabularies, time to form bonds with fellow artists, and time to exist within a world of their own making. Printmaking resident Chris Hassig comments on his recent experience:

“I feel energized, inspired, awakened―ready to dive into the possibilities that were opened up during the past ten weeks. I cannot thank the Ranch enough for creating and sustaining this opportunity, this space and this freedom for me and my fellow residents.”

Visiting Artists Program

The Visiting Artists Program is also a core component of the Anderson Ranch experience, bringing both emerging and established artists of all disciplines to our campus. This program provides an opportunity that affords artists the time and space to complete projects within their area of expertise and to explore new techniques in their work. In 2015 we welcomed artists Craig Drennen, Takashi Nakazato, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, Yana Payuseva, Casey Reas, Tom Sachs and more. Tom Sachs was so enamored by his experience here, that he transitioned into his new role as Artist Advisor to the Ranch. Tom comments:

“My time at the Ranch is sacred. It’s a place where I shut off my phone and get to work. Here, artists work and eat meals with each other and dialog about why we make things. To commit to a few days or weeks of dedicated work without the real life responsibilities of running an art studio is the most responsible thing I can do for my creative process.”

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