Visiting Artist: Sheila Schroeder

May 24 - Jun 2, 2021

Dr. Sheila E. Schroeder has been making films for 30+ years. Her work spans genre (documentaries and narratives) and form (short to feature) and has been accepted by over 100 film festivals across the globe. In 2015 she founded Project DU F.I.L.M. (film initiative linking mentors) as part of her work at the University of Denver where she teaches filmmaking. The goal of Project DU F.I.L.M. is to change the face of filmmaking both in front of and behind the camera by creating intentionally diverse stories and recruiting a variety of alumni and students to participate in this hands on mentorship program designed to give students opportunities to work on professional film sets. The Project’s films, Hunting Season, Happy F-ing Valentine’s Day, and Scary Lucy, have garnered success around the world, but, more importantly, have provided experiential learning experiences and career stepping stones for students and alumni alike.

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May 24 - Jun 2, 2021

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