Adrien Segal

Adrien Segal is a sculptor based in Oakland, CA. Her work incorporates both digital tools and analog fabrication processes to create evocative sculptures in wood, metal, glass and other media. Adrien received a BFA in Furniture Design from California College of the Arts, where she now teaches, in addition to making commissions and public art.

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Adrien's Upcoming Workshops

  • II

    Level II

    Students have experience working with computer­-aided design with basic principles of CAM/software.

  • III

    Level III

    Students have some formal training in digital fabrication, experience with a variety of materials and fabrication processes, and know how to use CNC, 3-­D printers, or laser cutters competently and safely. Students have a portfolio of their work.

Aug 2 - 6, 2021

Digital to Physical: sculptural forms on the CNC

Adrien Segal

Tuition $975
Code W0911-21

This workshop bridges the handmade with the computer-made art form. Participants start with found objects or forms hand-sculpted in clay, foam or wood that are digitally scanned, modified and perfected. Models are then digitally fabricated via the CNC router, sliced and finally physically assembled into a stack-laminated wood sculpture. Students gain experience with design software, digital fabrication tools, lamination assembly, parts registration and simple carving methods, coming away with a unique sculpture.

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