Alex & Rebecca Norris Webb

Together and apart, photographers and creative partners Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb have authored 21 books, including their collaborative books, Violet Isle, Slant Rhymes, Brooklyn, and Waves. Magnum photographer Alex Webb is best known for his color photographs from Latin America and the Caribbean, including his survey book of 30 years of color photography, The Suffering of Light. Originally a poet, Rebecca often interweaves text and images in her nine books, most notably with her books, My Dakota and Night Calls.

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  • II

    Level II

    Photography students have a basic understanding of photography principles and technology and are comfortable using an SLR camera in manual mode. New Media students have a basic understanding of video, multimedia or animation software. Students have basic computer skills and are comfortable using a Macintosh computer.

  • III

    Level III

    Photography students have some formal training and significant experience making, capturing and digitally processing images using Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop. New Media students have some formal training in conceptual and technological aspects of video, multimedia, coding or animation and are versed in the appropriate software applications. Students have a portfolio of their artwork.

  • IV

    Level IV

    Photography students have advanced skills and knowledge of photography and digital image processing. New Media students have advanced skills and knowledge of video, multimedia, coding or animation. Students are self­-motivated and have multiple portfolios of their artwork.

Jul 31 - Aug 4, 2023

Finding Your Personal Vision

Alex & Rebecca Norris Webb

Tuition $1,200
Code P0929-23

This workshop is about finding your own unique vision of Colorado by using the camera to explore the region in a direct, spontaneous way. The instructors emphasize the development of personal ways of seeing photographically. Students learn how to select and sequence their work intuitively and discuss how to take photography practices to the next level are central to the foundation of this workshop. Please note: This is a workshop for photographers who collaborate with the world, not for those who dramatically alter their photographs digitally. Participants choose their own assignments with instructor-guided group discussions and individual reviews.

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