Bryan Keith Thomas

Bryan Keith Thomas received the “White House Honor” for work with the Art in Embassies Program. His work has been exhibited at Art Basel Miami; Meridian Gallery, San Francisco; the Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland; Gallery Guichard, Chicago; ArtJaz Gallery, Philadelphia; E&S Gallery, Louisville;the American embassy in Dakar, Senegal; and Du Sable Museum, Chicago. Keith is associate professor within the painting and drawing and critical ethnic studies departments at the California College of the Arts.

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Bryan Keith's Upcoming Workshops

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    Open to All

    Students of any skill and knowledge level.

Aug 21 - 25, 2023

Mixed Media: Materials and Methods

Bryan Keith Thomas

Tuition $1,195
Code D1226-23

This exploratory, mixed-media workshop for artists of all skill levels is a study of painting fundamentals with a broad interpretation of the medium, incorporating new materials, processes, and applications. It introduces complexities of the craft, emphasizing the development of both ideas and techniques, encouraging students to think in new and different ways. In addition to experimentation, the workshop emphasizes traditional and nontraditional resources and methods, discussions, and critiques of possibilities and results. Studio demonstrations accompany the discussion of narratives of community, culture, and identity.

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