Cherish Marquez

Cherish Marquez (she/they), (b.1989 El Paso, TX, USA) spent her childhood in Sierra Blanca, TX, and her adult life in Las Cruces, NM. Currently, she lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and Creative Writing from New Mexico State University and an MFA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver. She is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on digital media. Her work explores environmental justice, mysticism, mental health, and queer identities.

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Cherish's Upcoming Workshops

  • O

    Open to All

    Students of any skill and knowledge level.

  • Ages 13 - 17

Jul 8 - 12, 2024
9AM - 3PM

Character Creation and World Building

Cherish Marquez

Tuition $675
Code P0612-24

Engage with character creation and world building using software programs like Blender 3D to create a character, Unreal Game Engine to build worlds, and VR to experience it. In this workshop, students learn how to create a simple avatars in Blender 3D and learn the basics of animation. Students then transfer the model from Blender 3D to Unreal Engine where they create a world where their avatar will live. For the final project, the students transfer their project from Unreal Engine to view using VR headsets. Students share their worlds with one another and experience their cohort's creations on the final afternoon of class.

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