Diana Cervantes

The Center: Advanced Mentorship Program Participant (2023 - 2025)

Diana Cervantes is an Independent Visual Journalist based in Brooklyn, New York as well as her hometown in the Southwest.

With a focus on conservation, interspecies relationships, climate change, and research, Cervantes is dedicated to shedding light on individuals at the forefront of these pressing issues. Her long-form visual storytelling approach not only captures the essence of these stories but also fosters meaningful relationships, trust, and a comprehensive understanding of the themes and research she explores.

Her recent long-form collaborative project, “Crisis on the Rio Grande,” took first place in best series and environmental writing at the New Mexico Press Association Awards. She alongside her reporting colleague, Danielle Prokop, traveled over 700 miles along the Rio Grande to tell the story of the river, animals and ecology in peril along its banks.

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