Hilary Forsyth

Hilary Forsyth is an artist and illustrator who has illustrated the Rocky Mountain Mammal, Plant, Birds and Bugs volumes for the Family Field Guide Series created by BearBop Press Children’s Books. She has been teaching clever and inspiring workshops for Anderson Ranch for many summers and has also been the Art Director for the Aspen Community School for 18 years.

Hilary's Upcoming Workshops

  • Ages 6 - 8

Jun 28 - Jul 2, 2021
9AM - 3PM

The Sculpture Experience

Hilary Forsyth

Tuition $425
Code K0406-21

This mixed-media art week is filled with papier-mâché, fabric arts, painting and fun! It features food and object sculptures inspired by the sculptures of Claus Oldenberg, Jennifer-Bartlett-style paintings and colorful Nick-Cave-style drawings, sculptures and costume pieces. Students learn how under the influence of art, everything looks brighter. P.S. - There will be GLITTER!

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