Jamie Bates Slone

Jamie Bates Slone is a ceramic sculptor living and working in Norman, Oklahoma. She is currently Assistant Professor of Ceramics at the University of Oklahoma. She received her MFA in Ceramics from the University of Kansas and her BFA in Studio Art at the University of Central Missouri.

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Jun 21 - Jul 2, 2021

Portraits in Clay: sculpting the figure objectively

Jamie Bates Slone

Tuition $1,300
Code C0303-21

During this workshop students learn to look at the human figure objectively by breaking it down into elemental parts. Students begin by sculpting the eyes, nose, mouth and ears, creating multiple tiles and small vignettes. This exercise leads to the creation of two portraits: one stoic and one highly expressive. Anatomy, underlying bone structure, musculature and expression are discussed. Students also have the opportunity to explore decorating their work with underglazes using airbrushes and spray guns.

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