Leah Aegerter

Leah Aegerter is an artist working in object-based sculpture and installation. She lives and works in Carbondale, CO, and spends much of her free time exploring the mountains and deserts of the American West on foot and raft. Her work investigates her relationship to landscape and intimacy with material. Leah received a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2017. In 2022 she was named an Aspen Art Museum Artist Fellow.

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Sep 11 - 22, 2023

Digital Foundry

Leah Aegerter

Tuition $1,600
Code S1514-23

This workshop explores the role of 3-D printing technology in the context of traditional lost-wax casting of bronze and aluminum. Starting with 3-D scanning and basic 3-D modeling techniques in Rhino 3-D, students learn to build files that take advantage of the characteristics of both 3-D printing and metal casting. Objects are outputted on the FDM 3-D printers in PLA plastic, dipped in ceramic shell, and directly burnt out in the kiln in preparation for metal. We discuss the tensions between technology and tradition, and how artists maintain a human element in their final work.

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