Melanie Sherman

Melanie Sherman, a German-born artist, currently resides and creates in Kansas City, MO. Her artistic journey is influenced by her background in graphic design, which honed her keen eye for patterns and decorative elements. Within her ceramic practice, she skillfully merges her passion for ornamentation with a deep fascination for the historical legacy of ceramics, specifically drawing inspiration from 18th-century European porcelain.

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Melanie's Upcoming Workshops

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    Open to All

    Students of any skill and knowledge level.

Sep 2 - 6, 2024
9AM - 5PM

It's Never Too Late: Post-Glaze Processes

Melanie Sherman

Tuition $1,200
Code C1418-24

Overglazes enhance ceramics with vibrant colors applied after the initial firing, adding intricate details through different application techniques. This workshop blends ceramics with imagery, exploring surface decorations using materials like overglazes, metallic lusters, flocking, gold leaf, and more. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to use their own designs with traditional image-transfer techniques. It's a chance to personalize ceramics, whether they are one’s own creations or store-bought. This course fosters a playful approach, creating connections between two- and three-dimensional elements and engaging in diverse painting techniques, textures, and materials to craft unique works of art.

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