Rhonda Willers

Rhonda Willers is a visual artist, writer, researcher, podcast host, and author of Terra Sigillata: Contemporary Techniques. She focuses on fragility, space, and subtle strength as she works with repetitive forms and markings to elicit thoughts of memories, spiritual spaces, and rituals. Rhonda engages in the ceramics community as President of the Board of Directors for NCECA.

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  • II

    Level II

    Students have a basic understanding of forming techniques, such as throwing and hand building. Students have taken one or two ceramics classes or workshops.

Jun 19 - 23, 2023

Making and Using Terra Sigillata with Handbuilt Earthenware

Rhonda Willers

Tuition $1,150
Code C0303-23

Terra sigillata is a fine clay slip with deep historical roots and strong traditions. Its colors are vast and can be layered and enhanced, resulting in a multitude of possibilities. Pairing it with handbuilt forms in red earthenware clay, students use terra sigillata and other surface materials to explore patterns, layered designs, and weathered surfaces. While this workshop focuses on the technical aspects and applications of terra sigillata making, it also aims to expand beyond the technique to create an environment of encouraged creative inquiry.

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