Ricky Armendariz

Richard Armendariz was raised on the U.S.-Mexico border. He received his MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is currently associate professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio. He is in the permanent collections of San Antonio Museum of Art, McNay Art Museum, Denver Art Museum, and the Bush International Airport Houston Art Collection.

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    Students of any skill and knowledge level.

Aug 14 - 18, 2023

Contemporary Woodblock: Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Ricky Armendariz

Tuition $1,150
Code R1110-23

Students of all levels engage in the physicality of woodblock carving and printing in this accessible and user-friendly printmaking workshop. They may embark on the exploration of narrative symbolism or simply the subject matter of flora and fauna to create a composition and tell a story. Blocks are hand-printed, and compositional emphasis is placed on the physical border of the block as well as the creation of pictorial space. We allow for a loose process of registration, focusing instead on imagery, pattern, surface, and experimentation with different substrates such as paper and fabrics.

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